Hunton Yachts announces joint venture

Hunton Yachts strikes a three-year deal with Rib-X to manufacture boats

Hunton Yachts Ltd and Rib-X Ltd have announced a three year manufacturing deal.

The joint venture is on the basis of a profit sharing agreement in which Hunton will provide designs and technology and Rib-X, based in Leicestershire, will build the boats. Both companies will market and sell the boats.

Hunton Yachts Ltd was formed earlier this year after Hunton Powerboats was put into voluntary liquidation towards the end of 2016. The new business purchased the Hunton name along with the moulds and intellectual property rights, but not its Romsey based factory.

Hunton Powerboats was started by offshore racer Jeff Hunton in 1979. The company specialised in high performance sports cruisers based around Jeff Hunton’s race proven hull designs.

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His first production boat, the Gazelle 23, won Cruiser Class A in the British Offshore Powerboat Championship. Jeff went on to win the title six times.

More latterly the company expanded into high performance RIBs for the luxury yacht tender market. Hunton currently has two models in its tender range. The 8m 830 is fitted with a single outboard or diesel inboard and capable of 50 knots.

The 10m 1005 is fitted with twin outboard or diesel onboard engines and is said to reach speeds of up to 65 knots.

Hunton back in business

Hunton Yachts has the key assets of Hunton Powerboats after the previous company went into liquidation


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