Kill cords: the industry and boating bodies respond

Find out where relevant companies and associations stand on the issue of kill cord safety

Scorpion RIBs

Do you think the current design of the kill cord could be improved upon and why?
Whilst we believe that the current design is a perfectly adequate solution when used correctly by the helmsman/driver, it would be complacent to believe that any design could not be improved.

Which of the six readers’ suggestions do you favour?
Although we do like the idea of the electronic proximity sensor, this still puts the onus on the helmsman to ensure that the sensor is on his/her person, and not simply strategically placed near the helm. In the absence of a foolproof new design the current kill cord is undoubtedly a safe solution when used correctly but more training and awareness must be available to owners.

Would you consider using one of these systems on your engines/boats?
We would consider installing any cost-effective system which we believe to be an improvement on the current kill cord, and which has been independently tested and certificated.

Do you think customers would be prepared to pay more for a safer, more user-friendly solution?
We do not believe that customers would be prepared to pay more. We do believe that the kill cord in place now is a safe system, but there will always be people who will pay for options that they feel will best suit their personal requirements.

How would you like to see things develop from here?
This will be down to the engine and component manufacturers who must lead the way in future developments.

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