Navan S30 & C30 tour: Exceptional new Axopar rival

Hugo Andreae thought the Navan S30 and C30 might well struggle in an already crowded market. But he walked away from his tour truly impressed

To be completely honest we had modest expectations of the new Navan S30 & C30 adventure boats when they were announced last year. Surely, there couldn’t be room for yet another pair of Axopar wannabes and, being an offshoot of the Brunswick Group’s budget-conscious Quicksilver brand, we suspected they would be relatively cheap and cheerful. Far from it. In the flesh, they look and feel like premium quality boats and are packed with enough genuinely fresh ideas to catch the eye of any budding Axopar owner.

The starting point for both the open S30 and pilothouse C30 models is a very substantial looking twin step hull that is a little longer, wider, taller and around 400kg heavier than an equivalent new Axopar 29.

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That means you’re likely to need a fair bit more grunt to match the Axopar’s performance but with a wide range of engine options up to a pair of 300hp Mercury V8, power isn’t likely to be an issue.

The benefit of those extra inches is felt throughout both boats with plenty of space to move around (both are rated for up to 12 passengers), a surprisingly big, smartly fitted out sleeping cabin in the bow and, crucially, a separate heads compartment with a pull out shower.

The open S30 model benefits from a very clever cockpit layout featuring three rows of comfortable forward facing seats with high quality upholstery, supportive armrests and multiple grab handles. However, the tall central bench also flips over to face the aft one, creating a sociable six person dinette at the stern and revealing a large outdoor galley in its place.

The C30 is even more innovative with sturdy fold down seats flush fitted into both sides of the cockpit coaming and a wet bar hung off the back of the wheelhouse. But it’s the way the wheelhouse can be converted from a fully secure heated space to a remarkably open feeling one with the aid of a lifting aft window, two big side doors and a sliding sunroof that really impressed us.

That, and the unexpectedly high level of the mouldings, fittings, upholstery and detailing. This feels like a properly robust, well finished craft. Just don’t be fooled by the tempting looking starting price. By the time you’ve added the more desirable options both models are likely to cost over £200,000 inc VAT.

Navan S30 & C30 specifications

LOA: 33ft 7in (10.23m)
BEAM: 9ft 10in (2.99m)
ENGINES: Single 300-400hp or twin 225-300hp Mercury outboard
TOP SPEED: Up to 55 knots
PRICE FROM: S30 €145,000 inc VAT; C30 €158,000 inc VAT


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