Point Break yacht: Ocean Emerald’s starring role in the 2015 movie

The Foster+Partners-styled Ocean Emerald – a 41-metre launched at Rodriquez Yachts in 2010 – has a supporting role in the remake of Point Break, which launches at Christmas.

The startling Ocean Emerald has been spotted off Brindisi as a key element of the new Point Break movie, a remake of the cult classic from 1991, which starred the late Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

The plot of the original – a gang of thieves who were expert surfers – has been developed to include a range of extreme sports, including surfing, rock climbing and wingsuiting. The superyacht is used as a platform for one of the adrenaline-junkie-cum-criminal-gangs’ parties.


The yacht is part of the Floating Life/Yacht Plus fractional ownership program that allows an owner to purchase an eighth share in a superyacht, giving you access to the fleet of three similar yachts (Ocean Pearl and Ocean Sapphire are the others) with 30 nights annually on board split between the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

The yachts have five suites for up to 12 guests with a crew of seven. Ocean Emerald also charters through Floating Life.


Partying on board – the yacht’s aft stairs make for a spectacular scene

“I’m a great fan of the first Point Break, and this was a chance to expand and enhance the scale of the original film,” says director Ericson Core.


Filming the scenes of Ocean Emerald from a chase boat


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