Radical new $1.5 million foiling powerboat


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The Folier from Enata Marine will reportedly do 40 knots with a pair of 320hp BMW diesel engines

Enata Marine says that the Foiler, which can carry a crew of 8 (7 plus the driver), rises 1.5m onto its foils at speeds above 18 knots and is capable of gliding across wave heights of up to 2m.

The company claims that the boat is extremely quiet in flight as the waves pass below the hull with its slim foils offering low penetration, and that is it so stable that passengers can move easily around whilst the boat is foiling.

It also says that by reducing wave impact, the system ‘virtually eliminates sea sickness’ as well as leaving a third of the normal wake disturbance of a boat of this size and speed. Fuel consumption is also claimed to be reduced by 20%.

Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson

Powering the vessel is a sophisticated diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system. Two BMW 320hp diesel engines drive electrical generators that are linked to twin electric propellor ‘torpedos’ situated on the aft foils.

Top speed is 40 knots with a 30 knot cruising speed giving a range of 130 nautical miles from its 300 litre fuel tank. Battery back up means that the electric part of the hybrid system can run independently of the diesel engines for short periods, giving silent cruising for 10 minutes at 10 knots, allowing it to approach a dock  or pass wildlife without disturbance.


On board, the deck layout is an open plan bow rider configuration, with two forward facing comfortable looking arm chairs in the bow section. Further aft, a large seating pad to port curls around a central bolster whilst the back end of the cockpit is left completely open for sunbathing or water sports.

The foils can be retracted, reducing draught to just 0.6m (2ft) and allowing the boat to be used as a superyacht tender and stored on board of very large yachts.

Photo superyacht Oceanco © Guillaume Plisson


 Launched at the Dubai Boat Show, the Foiler is for sale at approximately £900,000.