Sunreef 80 Power Eco to take solar power to the next level at Cannes 2023

If you like the idea of free, renewable energy but don’t like sails, Sunreef would love to have a word. The Polish shipyard’s newest power cat is this Sunreef 80 Power Eco, available in both hybrid and pure electric versions, that positively bristles with solar panels...

These produce a claimed maximum of 36kWp in bright sunshine, although with many of the solar panels mounted along the sides, that figure will only be achievable if the sun can be persuaded to shine on both sides at the same time.

So it might occasionally be necessary to top up the batteries using the generators. The batteries themselves are ‘ultralight’, with an energy density of around 200Wh per kilogramme, and you can choose between 360kW and 720kW of motive power.

The interior of the Sunreef 80 Power Eco is fully customisable, with Sunreef’s suggested layouts showing the huge deck saloon which is such an alluring benefit of the catamaran configuration, together with a spacious owner’s cabin that wouldn’t look out of place in a conventional monohull of the same length.

Down in the hulls things naturally get a little more constrained, but there shouldn’t be too many complaints from the occupants of the four double ensuite cabins. There is a fairly decent crew cabin shown aft in the starboard hull, and a vanishingly small optional crew space in the bow, while the galley sits aft in the port hull.

Other suggestions include a hot tub aft on the enormous flybridge, non-toxic antifoul paint, natural composite structures, DC air conditioning and a pair of natty wind turbines, while extra propulsion is available from the optional kitesail.

For the full 200-square-metre solar array you’ll need to specify the larger hardtop option. Or if you prefer a more old-fashioned form of renewable energy, Sunreef also does a version of the 80 with a mast and sails.

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Update: The Sunreef 80 Power Eco will be making its US debut at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Sunreef 80 Power Eco specifications

LOA: 78ft 1in (23.80m)
Beam: 39ft 4in (12.00m)
Engines: 2x 360kW max
Solar panels: 36kWp max
Batteries: 640kW max
Generators: 2x 150kW
Starting price: Available upon application