Sunreef Yachts expands range with new solar-powered boat options

Polish yard Sunreef Yachts is now offering solar-powered versions of its 60, 70 and 80ft power catamarans.

Badged Eco, these all-electric solar boats have been specified from their keels up with their environmental impact in mind, in what Sunreef Yachts refers to as a 360° approach to green yachting.

Eco specifications include the latest solar power boat systems and lithium-ion battery bank technology, which means these striking models have the potential for unlimited range using electric power alone.

Interestingly their solar panels, which Sunreef Yachts produces in-house, is fully integrated into the hull sides and superstructure as well as the flybridge hardtop. If the rendering above can be believed, it has the added advantage of looking rather funky too.

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Thanks to 68.6m² of solar panelling, the Sunreef Power 60 Eco can generate up to 13kWp while the larger Sunreef Power 80 Eco, which can accommodate around 200m² of solar panelling, delivers as much as 40kWp. The latter is the same amount of energy as two diesel generators weighing 800kg.

The Eco’s credentials go well beyond onboard power too. These models include flax and basalt fibre reinforcements, not only in the interior structures and furniture, but also in the hulls, superstructures and other structural laminates.

These natural materials have the added advantage of generating no greenhouse gases during their production processes.


Eco build philosophy uses ethical alternatives to traditional materials in the saloon on the Sunreef Eco

The Eco build philosophy extends to the use of compressed paper-based materials instead of conventional work surfaces and splash tops, and genuine leathers are avoided for upholstery wherever possible.

Sunreef Yachts also says it is happy to incorporate reclaimed materials into the build, flooring and decking options, including everything from ethically sourced teak and other hardwood alternatives or non-PVC-based synthetics.

Wind generators, smart water management systems and non-toxic silicone-based bottom paints are also in the Eco mix. The first Sunreef Power 80 solar boat is already under construction and should be delivered later this year.


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