Azimut Quarantasei 46

Azimut's engineering installation is exceptional for a production powerboat.

Azimut‘s engineering installation is exceptional for a production powerboat. For instance, combining the engineroom and lazarette as a single large space improves accessibility to the machinery so markedly that I was left wondering why any boatbuilder would choose to separate the two compartments.
Details such as the ingenious anchor-wash system and the remote emergency air intake closures are fine examples of a thoroughness normally found on larger and more expensive craft ­ evidence perhaps of Azimut’s ownership of the Benetti yard.

Having achieved near perfection with their AZ54 helm design, it’s a shame that the company didn’t entirely duplicate the formula on their 46. Both helm layouts on the 46 are excellent, but it’s a little unfair on owners to design the helm seating around Michael Jordan and the crew cabin on Dudley Moore. It’s about time that boatbuilders realised that people vary greatly in size, and supplied fully adjustable helm seats, as car manufacturers have been doing for years.

So how does the Quarantasei 46 compare with the world’s finest cars? I would say wonderfully well. Spend a little over £100,000, and your Ferrari F355 Spider will give you dramatic styling, superb engineering and frightening Speed.

At 30 knots, Azimut have no intention of frightening their customers, but they do aim to dazzle you with their style. It’s impressive that Azimut have not allowed their obviously talented stylists to undermine their engineering and practical design departments (fellow ex-Lotus owners will understand this painful concept).

For the equivalent of only three Ferraris, you can own one of the most stylish boats on the planet and still be able to change your fuel filters in a hurry.

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Length overall 48ft 6in 14.78m
Hull length 46ft 1in 14.05m
Beam 14ft 6in 4.42m
Draught 3ft 3in 1.00m
Air draught 15ft 0in 4.57m
Displacement 12.5 tonnes (light) 14.0 tonnes (loaded)
Fuel capacity 330 imp gal 1,500 litres
Water capacity 110 imp gal 500 litres

Engines Twin Caterpillar 3208TA
435hp @2,800rpm V-8 cylinder 10.4lt turbo diesels Four-bladed props, 23in diameter 33in pitch (590mm by 840mm)

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range
650 4.7 0.0° n/a n/a n/a
1,000 7.5 0.5° 3.1 2.42 638
1,500 11.5 2.0° 6.1 1.89 498
2,000 19.4 4.0° 16.2 1.20 316
2,500 27.0 4.0° 29.1 0.93 245
2,700 29.4 4.0° 38.5 0.77 202

Range figures allow for 20% reserve 20% fuel, negligible water, 2 crew.
Sea state: long, 3ft (1.0m) swell
Wind strength: Force 2

Maximum Speed 29.4 knots
Maximum Range 202 miles miles at 2,700rpm
Cruising Speed 27 knots
Cruising Range 245 miles at 2,500rpm

Price from £296,000 ex TAX
Price as tested £334,480 ex TAX

Azimut SpA
Viale dei Mareschi 10051 Avigliana Torino, Italy Tel: +39 11 936 7271 Fax: +39 11 936 7270

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Bitterne Manor
Hampshire SO18 1AY, UK.
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