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A modern design haven, if you like that sort of thing

Smaller sibling has big shoes to fill

Spirit P40

The daringly innovative meets the reassuringly retro

Lake Como looks, with love from Leeds

Spirit P40

The daringly innovative meets the reassuringly retro

Windy 9800

The May 1987 issue of MBY contains an unusual boat report.

Windy 40 Bora

For me, the most impressive aspect of Windy's design philosophy has always been their persistent refusal to compromise practicality in the interests of fashion.

Wilbur 34 Downeaster

Wilbur are to be highly commended for producing an interior so in keeping with the human scale.

Sunseeker Manhattan

Try to disregard the amazing styling for a moment and view the Manhattan 44 dispassionately as an ordinary flybridge powerboat.

Sunseeker Hawk 34

Sunseeker's baby may not yet be perfectly formed, but it's very close.

Storebro Biscay

Along with the disappearing chart table, safety and security are two areas that are increasingly in danger of being overlooked in favour of style. Fortunately this is not the case…

Storebro J32

Storebro are much more innovative than their conservative image suggests, such as in their extensive use of Cadcam and moulded internal monocoque structures.


A feast of large flybridge cruisers and trawler yachts is a fine and wonderful thing, especially when compared to a diet of stodgy broads cruisers or fishing dories, but there…