Sealine S34

In an age of stupendous marketing superlatives, categorising the boat as simply "eminently competent" might be seen as a case of damning with faint praise

In an age of stupendous marketing superlatives, categorising the boat as simply “eminently competent” might be seen as a case of damning with faint praise. I hope not, because the S34 performs all its myriad tasks without any fuss (and, given the strength of sterling, at a competitive price).

The S34 appears unfussy because many of its qualities and details are initially not so obvious. Most noteworthy and widespread is the intelligent use of glassfibre mouldings, such as in the engineroom to make cleaning easier, as removable bins below that provide more flexible storage, overhead as the simple ‘clamshell’ recess for the canopy, and forward as adaptable anchor locker stowage.

I only have two real gripes, the first being a recurring one which, unfortunately, can still be levelled at many boatbuilders. Car owners would never be expected to perch on the edge of their seats to reach the wheel, or the throttle and the brake. Yet that is precisely what many boatbuilders expect short helmsmen to do. Are adjustable seats really that expensive?

And in our litigious times, shiny, slippery patches of foredeck ­ however small and perfectly formed ­ are probably best left in the stylist’s wastebasket.

These two grumbles aside, there are many good points, such as the interior, which is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean.

There’s no evidence that the layout borrowed from the S37 has been shoe-horned into the smaller S34. In fact, the boat feels bigger than it really is. It’s business as usual for Sealine ­ which is good news for boat buyers.


LOA 34ft 6in 10.50m

Hull Length 32ft 0in 9.75m

Beam 11ft 0in 3.35m

Draught 3ft 1in 0.94m

Air draught 11ft 11in 3.63m

Displacement 5.30 tonnes (light) 5.98 tonnes (loaded)

Fuel capacity 124 imp gal 564lt

Water capacity 45 imp gal 205lt

Engines Twin Volvo Penta KAD43DP 230hp @ 3,900rpm 6-cylinder, 3.6lt turbo diesels Duoprop outdrive leg, B6 propellers

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range

2,000 10.2 4.5° 5.4 1.88 192

2,500 19.2 3.0° 6.9 2.77 284

3,000 25.6 2.5° 11.2 2.29 234

3,300 29.6 2.0° 14.2 2.08 213

3,600 33.4 2.0° 18.1 1.84 188

3,900 37.5 2.0° 23.2 1.62 166

Range allows for 20% reserve 80% fuel, 0% water, 3 crew Sea state: 10in chop. Wind strength: Force 2


Maximum Speed 37.5 knots

Maximum Range 166 miles @ 3,900rpm

Cruising Speed 25.6 knots

Cruising Range 234 miles @ 3,000rpm

Sound levels dB(A) Saloon Cockpit Forecabin

Cruising @ 25.6 knots 80 82 81

Maximum @ 37.5 knots 83 85 84

Price from £81,400 ex tax Price as tested £111,161 ex tax


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