Sunseeker Hawk 34

Sunseeker's baby may not yet be perfectly formed, but it's very close.

Sunseeker’s baby may not yet be perfectly formed, but it’s very close. As far as quality is concerned, there is no discernible difference between the Hawk and their £2 million 80ft (24.4m) Manhattan.

I couldn’t find a single imperfection on the lacquered surfaces. The locker linings and internal finishes were also excellent, the quality even extending to the finish on the normally concealed hull structure. So no signs of entry-level budgeting on this boat…

I found only a few faults of any consequence. The poor helm seat, undersized cockpit step, and the static list were disappointing, but remedial action should be straightforward. Sunseeker’s brochure makes a comical reference to “sleeping two in the forecabin”, but short of selling the boat exclusively to Lilliputians, Sunseeker should increase the length of the forward cushion if they are serious about customers using it as a berth.

Still, the biggest surprise wasn’t the high quality ­ worldwide standards have improved so much lately that many production builders are either matching or threatening Sunseeker in this department. What was really striking was the profusion of good ideas packed into the Hawk. The stowage trays take first prize ­ if they don’t become the most plagiarised idea next year, I’ll be amazed.

But there are plenty of other laurels ­ the ‘whip it out quick’ cockpit table and cantilevered saloon table among them. And let’s not forget those often-neglected practical details ­ lots of lighting, deep, secure toerails, and excellent engineroom access.

Perfection is, of course, impossible to achieve, because it’s based on the subjective judgement of contrary individuals. Still, there are times when something does seem perfectly suited to its apparent purpose. This is how the Hawk appears to me. All that potential owners need for this purpose is £123,000 and a little Tax.


LOA Length overall (LOA) 37ft 2in 11.34m

Hull length 36ft 3in 11.06m

Beam 10ft 2in 3.10m

Draught 2ft 2in 0.65m

Air draught 8ft 0in 2.45m

Displacement 5.35 tonnes(light)

6.05 tonnes(loaded)

Fuel capacity 163 imp gal 740 litres

Water capacity 16 imp gal 75 litres

Engines Twin Volvo Penta KAD 42DP

230hp @ 3,800rpm

6-cylinder, 3.6lt turbo diesels

Duoprop outdrive legs

RPM Speed Trim GPH MPG Range

2,000 13.5 4.5° 4.5 3.00 372

2,500 21.8 5.0° 6.7 3.26 403

3.000 29.6 3.0° 10.6 2.79

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