Drettmann Elegance 60

Drettmann Elegance 60 - vast range of customizable interiors

What they say “Understanding customer dreams and turning them into reality is the highest maxim of Drettmann.”

However, flip through their picture brochures and their technical specifications, and it’s clear that customisation is part and parcel of the Drettmann experience, albeit based on standard tried and tested glassfibre production hulls and decks.

Their interiors range from cool-as-a-cucumber minimalist to the most wild, avant-garde styles that your imagination could ever conjure. This boat is middle ground, but what you want inside is down to your daydreams.

Wandering around, what struck me most was that here was a boat put together by builders of much bigger boats. Far from a scaled-up small flybridge cruiser, this felt like a scaled-down 80-footer. Everything I touched felt very tough and solid. As I passed through the full-height watertight door into the beautifully executed engineroom, that feeling didn’t change, nor did it in the adjoining small secondary machinery room, which can be fitted out as a crew cabin.

The back end of the 60 works well. Twin cockpit doors and steps either side ensure an easier flow of traffic through the cockpit. Located centrally, the tender garage opens to reveal a Williams 285 jet-RIB, plus there’s a hi-lo bathing platform to help launch and recover all the watersports toys.

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Drettmann have designed a novel and versatile arrangement for their full-beam owner’s cabin amidships. The settee and dressing room area to port is effectively part of the cabin. However, it can be closed off with a sliding door, so the room could double as an occasional cabin for guests or kids, or as a quiet space for reading. Separate doors into both sections ensures privacy is maintained if both are in use.

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Beyond hyperbole like this, Drettmann don't make a big song and dance about their ability to customise.


Top Speed: 28 knots (twin 1,100hp)
Beam: 17ft 4in (5.30m)
Length Overall: 61ft 0in (18.60m)
Engines: Twin 900hp MAN V8-900CR
Boats for Sale: Drettmann boats for sale
Contact: DrettmannTel: 49 (0)421 566070Website: www.drettmann.com

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