Dometic Patrol 55 boat cooler review

Built from one-piece roto-moulded polyethylene with thick polyurethane insulation, the Dometic Patrol 55 is a supremely tough cool box.

Thick rope handles with rigid rubber grips are very comfortable to lift and in spite of its thick walls, quality build and refined finish, the Dometic Patrol 55 is not an especially heavy cool box.

Even when fully loaded, it remains quite easy for two people to carry – and if the standard box seems a touch plain, fear not.

You can split the compartment in two with an optional slide-out divider. You can also elevate quick-grab or water-sensitive items with the drop-in cages.

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Better still, you can use the front slot for a range of add-on accessories, including a fishing rod mount, a cupholder and a really heavy-duty bottle opener.

It all slots together with a wonderfully reassuring ‘clunk’ and when you take a seat on this cool box, the ergonomics are also nigh-on perfect.

Your bum is at the ideal height and the front-mounted accessories fall directly to hand in exactly the place you would want them.

The finish is of a much higher quality than you tend to see on most boat coolers and the styling is also a treat.

Modest but stylish, in the fashion of an understated but high-end Nordic sportsboat, this is very much a cool box that could grace the cockpit of a high-end motoryacht, as well as toughing it out on a day’s offshore fishing.

The Dometic Patrol 55 is available in five contrasting colours including classic white. The “Ocean” option looks particularly beautiful but whatever you choose, this is a very impressive cool box.

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It certainly not a cheap option, but with reliable multi-day ice retention, alongside the design, build quality and features to match the industry’s most exalted brands, it’s a very sound buy.


Capacity: 54L / 48QT
Weight: 15kg / 33.1lbs
Construction: Roto-moulded polyethylene
Warranty: 7 years

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