The Draco 22RS is tested to the limit in rough Solent seas

Product Overview

Draco 22RS


  • Attractive Scandinavian design
  • High level of finish
  • Talented hull
  • Punchy performance
  • Deep, safe decks


  • Lack of oddment storage at the helm
  • A grab rail around the windscreen would be good
  • It's on the pricey side


Draco 22RS review


Price as reviewed:

The law of boat testing states that when you test a Nordhavn or a Hardy the sea is like a millpond but when you test a small, fast, open sportsboat you have a seething chop. And said law was upheld during our test of the Draco 22RS in the Solent.

A grizzly westerly was blowing against a steaming tide, churning the Hurst narrows into a boiling cauldron of peaks and troughs for the little 22 to negotiate. And negotiate them it did, with real aplomb.

Draco 22RS powered by a 200hp Yamaha outboard

Engine options range from 115hp-200hp outboards

Landings were soft and controlled and the boat generally felt rock solid, even when landing hard off the back of steep waves.

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The 200hp Yamaha is the perfect partner for the 22, delivering punchy performance and a wicked howl as it screams towards the top end of the rev range.

The rough weather limited our top speed somewhat as we managed just short of 40 knots on what, in reality, should be a 45-knot boat.

Mind you, achieving 38 knots into the teeth of this fierce chop is not to be sniffed at.

Draco 22RS deck

The helm chairs swivel to join the tabe and aft bench

Despite the bowrider design the boat has good freeboard and a broad knuckle of rubbing strake to push water clear of hull.

The wet stuff only really made its way on board when the unrelenting breeze picked up spray and dumped it over the decks.

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