Editor’s Choice: NUDE Ahoy non-slip glassware

We know it, you know it and Mad Men the world over know it; there's nothing like an eye-catching name to make a product to stand out from the crowd.

NUDE certainly scores highly on that front, but delve a little further and you’ll discover the beauty of this particular brand runs more than skin deep.

For in choosing a name, the Istanbul-based creators of NUDE were looking for a title to reflect the simplicity and purity of their glassware products.

And true to the great tradition of ‘less is more’ we have to say we think they did a pretty good job.

NUDE’s Ahoy range has been designed to cope with the rigours of life at sea – quite a claim when you consider we’re talking about a set of moulded, lead-free crystalline glasses here.

The Ahoy is essentially a tumbler which has designed not to tumble, the secret being in the non-slip silicone coating of its base.

We’ve not yet had the opportunity to test them out in the Solent Chop for ourselves.

But the PR photo sent to us by NUDE shows an Ahoy glass precariously perched at an angle not far short of 45 degrees – impressive or what?

The design of the Ahoy glass is everything its manufacturer claims it to be in terms of simplicity.

A great example of form meets function in a robust range with classic lines that not only look good on the table but also fit snugly into the hand.

They’re versatile too, being suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Importantly for boat owners, where space is always at a premium, Ahoy glasses are stackable so occupy minimal space once stowed.

To sum up, we like the NUDE Ahoy glasses a lot – in fact, it’s making us thirsty just thinking about them.

Price: €35 for a set of four (inc. tax)

Buy it now on eu.nudeglass.com

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