Sealine C390 review: The sportscruiser you really can enjoy all year round

Sealine’s mid-range sportscruiser offers impressive living spaces and versatile decks but how does it perform on the water? We find out with a full test of the C390

If ever there was a day to test an enclosed sportscruiser it’s the one we picked to do the C390 in Flensburg on the German-Danish border. There is a bitter north wind charging through the moorings and menacing skies overhead, hanging low over the colourful architecture of the town’s harbour front. The C390 is well placed to shelter us from the biting breeze as we pile into its bright saloon for some respite.

It’s no wonder that hardtop sportscruisers with doors that separate the saloon from the cockpit have become so popular, and Bill Dixon’s latest design for Sealine typifies what is so good about this genre of craft. With the closure of a couple of doors we are nestled in a temperate saloon, protected from the elements but still very much aware of them thanks to the sheer enormity of the glass panels on either side.

Not only that, the electric sunroof is made of glass and accompanied by three panels of the stuff aft, which fires even more natural light down into the interior. The aft doors have some party tricks too, the port section is a bi-fold design that opens up the walkway between saloon and cockpit and the starboard section has a hinged window which flips up to turn the galley top into an outdoor bar.

Read the full review of the Sealine C390 in the September edition of MBY.


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