Solaris Power 48 Open review: The prettiest boat since the Aquariva?

With the stunning 48 Open, sailing boat brand Solaris has branched out into the world of motorboats. A risky move? Not with the might of Norberto Ferretti behind it. Jack Haines takes a test drive...

If, as a sailing boat manufacturer, you’re going to spread your wings, diverge and build a motorboat then it does no harm if it looks really good. And the Solaris Power 48 Open looks really good.

When the first boat started hitting the boat show circuit in a sort of metallic aquamarine hull paint it stood out in all the right ways but even in the more reserved blue of the boat we tested it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

It’s one of those boats where the closer you look the more mouthwatering the details you pick up. For example, the concave moulding work down the sides of the coachroof and the elegant slope of the tender garage, which calls to mind the tail end of a vintage Porsche speedster.

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The delicate stainless steel windscreen surround and the design of the T-top, with its substantial central stem which spreads out like a toadstool into the roof section.

Then there’s the hull, a feast of beautiful swooping shapes with a gentle reverse sheer at the bow that peels into a pronounced flair and tapers deliciously towards the waterline at the stern.

Where the Solaris’s direct rivals from Fjord, Pardo and Wally employ sharp creases and clean lines the 48 Open is softer and more curvaceous in stature with retro touch points that hark back to the lake boats that its country of origin is so adept at producing.

Solaris may be new to the motorboat game but it entered into this new venture with the help of a man who knows a thing or two about what it takes to build a good boat.

Norberto Ferretti needs no introduction and it is he, along with Brunello Acampora of Victory Design, that give the Solaris Power 48 authenticity, that help give credence to the fact that this is more than a well respected yacht manufacturer having a go at something a bit different.

Mr. Ferretti was on board from the start and his eye for detail and solid engineering is on show all over this boat.

Read our full review of the Solaris Power 48 Open in the March issue of MBY, out February 4.


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