Supermarine Spearfish 32 yacht tour: The return of a 1960s boating icon

At the recent British Motor Yacht Show, we got a first look at the Supermarine Spearfish 32. In this video we explain how this yard has revived a true 1960s boating icon...

Arguably one of the prettiest new boats of the year, the Supermarine Spearfish 32 harks back to the 1960s with its flared bow and elegant hull shape.

This boat’s roots go all the way back to Fairey Marine because it actually uses an original Alan V. Burnard hull with a new, modern deck layout.

The Spearfish 32 is being hand-built in very small numbers for customers who want something really very special.

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Prices start at around £300,000 (inc. VAT) and this particular one with some rather lovely options on board is about £375,000, which isn’t exactly cheap, but for that price you get some beautiful detailing, such as stainless steel exhaust exits, pop-up cleats and a lovely stainless steel rubbing rail. It is really quite something.

The hull itself is 32ft long, hence the name Spearfish 32, but with the bathing platform on it it comes to just over 35ft in total, so there is a little bit more space on board. There’s even a shower built into the transom for washing down after a swim.

In this video we take a look on board and explain what else makes the Supermarine Spearfish 32 so special.

To read our full sea trial review of the Supermarine Spearfish 32, pick up the September issue of MBY, out August 5.


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