VIDEO: Cruise Further, Cruise Safer – anchoring overnight

Jon Mendez gives his top tips on anchoring overnight in a secluded spot in the Mediterranean

Anchoring overnight is one of the great joys of boat ownership, especially in some of the more secluded Mediterranean waters.

However, with sea states prone to change suddenly there are several things to consider about your anchoring set-up before you can lay your head down and relax for the night.

In the latest part of our Pantaenius sponsored video series, ‘Cruise Further, Cruise Safer‘ Jon Mendez explains how to pick the perfect spot and drop anchor safely.

Jon talks us through the equipment on his Fairline Targa that makes anchoring easier and offers some tips on setting up lines to stop your chain from banging against the bow and keeping you awake at night.

We also look at the possibility of setting up shorelines or dropping kedge anchors to make your boat even more stable.

Finally, Jon explains the need to put up an anchor ball when anchoring overnight so that other boats know that they need to avoid you.