VIDEO: Cruise Further, Cruiser Safer – leaving a windy berth

In the latest episode of our 12-part series, Jon Mendez explains how to leave a side-on berth in windy conditions

Leaving a side-on berth can seem like child’s play, but when the wind is trying to blow you back onto the pontoon, complications can arise.

In the latest episode of our Pantaenius-sponsored series Cruise Further, Cruise Safer, yachting instructor Jon Mendez explains methods for leaving a windy berth, using a Fairline Targa 62GT that is moored to a fuel pontoon.

We start with techniques that don’t involve stern and bow thrusters, using the prevailing conditions and a controlled release of the lines to gently drift away in reverse.

Next up, Jon explains how thrusters can lead to overconfidence, and reminds skippers that a blast on the stern thrusters can send the bow crashing into the dock.

To watch our guide to leaving a windy berth, click on the video player above. And to read our full practical feature, pick up the May edition of Motor Boat & Yachting, which is out on Thursday (April 2).