VIDEO: Cruise Further, Cruise Safer – Displacement cruising

Jon Mendez discusses the pros and cons of displacement cruising in this episode of Cruise Further, Cruise Safer

In the latest video of our Cruise Further, Cruise Safer series, we take a look at displacement cruising.

This gentle cruising style pushes your hull through the water, rather than forcing it to ride on top of the waves, as you do when you’re planing.

Yacht instructor Jon Mendez demonstrates how displacement cruising affects the handling of a Fairline Targa 62GT in a variety of sea states.

First we see the smooth progress that can be made when heading downwind, before Jon turns into the wind to simulate the rolling motion of a beam sea.

Next we find out how the displacement cruising style copes when heading upwind with just a gentle swell.

Finally, Jon demonstrates the fuel efficiencies that can be had from displacement cruising, reading off the consumption rates at 22 knots, 16 knots and with the engine just gently ticking over.

To find out how you can save money and have a more relaxing cruise by slowing the pace, click on the video above.

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