VIDEO: Cruise Further, Cruise Safer – leaving your boat overseas

Mooring in the Med is all well and good, but what about when you want to go home? In this video we look at leaving your boat overseas

Leaving your boat overseas is an unavoidable downside for British boaters mooring in the Mediterranean, but how can you be sure it will remain unharmed by the elements?

In this video, boating instructor Jon Mendez explains how to prepare your boat for a long period in the marina without your care and attention.

Jon explains that there are three key weather concerns to bear in mind: rain damage, sun damage and wind damage.

We then demonstrate a technique for setting your lines so that the wind won’t bash your pride and joy against the pontoon.

Jon starts by loosening off the stern lines to leave at least one metre between the transom and the quayside.

We then head up to the bow end, where Jon uses the anchor winch to get his lines tight enough to withstand any storm surge.

The last job is to pack away the cushions and sunpads and give the boat a quick hose down before heading to the airport.

To read our full guide to leaving your boat overseas, pick up the July edition of Motor Boat & Yachting, which is out tomorrow (June 4).