VIDEO: Cruise Further, Cruise Safer – Daily engine checks

Next up in our series of seamanship videos, Jon Mendez explains what daily engine checks are necessary before setting out to sea

Habits are hard to break, so it’s a smart idea to get into some good habits when it comes to boating.

Daily engine checks are one such good habit, which will prolong the lifespan of your engines and keep a lid on the costs of cruising.

In this video, boat instructor Jon Mendez talks us through his daily engine check routine on board a Fairline Targa 62GT.

We learn about the acronym WOBBLE, which covers all the basics that you need to have a look at before slipping your lines and leaving your berth.

First up are the water checks, including the sea cocks, engine coolant and sea water strainers.

O stands for oil, and Jon checks both the dipstick and the fuel filters. Next up is belts and batteries, before a quick look around the cabins and finally an exhaust check.

To learn how to do your daily engine checks properly, click on the video player above.

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