Evo Yachts: The inside story of the revolutionary Italian boat brand *sponsored post*

Founded in 2013 by the Mercuri brothers, Evo Yachts has quickly grown to become one of the most distinctive brands in the highly competitive Italian boating scene. We take a closer look at their remarkable rise...

Successful entrepreneurs in various business sectors, the Mercury brothers started out in the yacht industry with refitting projects for boats of various lengths, before moving on to yacht production and fitting out for leading shipyards.

Precision mechanical manufacturing expertise, combined with know-how gained in hi-tech areas of the rail transport industry and a consolidated partnership with designer Valerio Rivellini, have given the business a high profile driven by the unique characteristics of the boats produced, including their high level of innovation, style and technology.

The Mercuri brothers have successfully married their love of sailing with an entrepreneurial spirit enriched with creativity, organisation and managerial intelligence. Evo Yachts are built at the San Giorgio a Cremano shipyard near Naples and in facilities in the Castelvolturno industrial district, where a pool of professionals create and produce innovative boats that are unique in terms of their safety, finishing and comfort.


Evo Yachts are built at the San Giorgio a Cremano shipyard near Naples

The facilities are equipped with cutting-edge production tools and machinery, research and development centres for materials testing and CNC milling machines, and it is here that models from 6 to 24 meters in length are fitted out.

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Starting with the infusion process for GRP shells, performed by highly specialised third parties, models are fitted out and tested entirely at the shipyard, right through to delivery to the customer.

Parent company Blu Emme Yachts is a modern company that has a focus on both organisational aspects and environmental issues, with efficient production facilities that are aligned with the latest regulations and use cutting-edge techniques made possible by advanced systems and machinery.


All Evo Yachts models are designed by naval engineer Valerio Rivellini

The production facilities are flanked by the sales office in Naples, associating production efficiency with a structure created to offer customers the level of attention they deserve.

In recent years, the Evo Yachts brand has made a name for itself with its innovative range of open yachts featuring extending bulwarks and the elegant line of tenders, recently joined by a third original line, known as the V line.

The design of the entire Evo Yachts range is the work of successful designer and naval engineer Valerio Rivellini. The first and best-known class of Evo Yachts boats is the R line, which has achieved worldwide fame with its signature XTension bulwarks, a remarkable innovation that increases the available space on board by about 40% and transforms the beach lounge into a massive, not to mention exclusive, private beach on the water.


This feature can be found on all the models in the R line (the R4, R4WA, R4 CC and the stunning, almost 18-meter long, R6 flagship), because when extended the boat’s width rivals that of a catamaran.

It is an idea that has won over the entire industry and many of the company’s competitors have been inspired by this solution for their own products.

The T line, also designed by Valerio Rivellini, is made up of megayacht tenders that are also ideal for use as dayboats. Evo T2 (pictured above) began life as a custom tender, commissioned by the owner of a 46-meter Sanlorenzo both for crew transport and as a refined motorboat for intimate family excursions. Initially created as a custom design, it is now series produced, breathing life into a new range of dayboats for superyachts.


The full design of the Velar 78 is being kept under wraps for now

Soon the company will also be launching the new T3 model. The latest model to join the range is Velar 78 (pictured above), another design by Rivellini and the first in the shipyard’s third series, called the V line.

A 24-meter motoryacht with refined, minimalist styling designed for slow and thoughtful cruising, Velar 78 combines the strong points of a motor yacht with those of a sailboat, all in the same model.

As you can see, the history of Blue Emme and its designs are run through by the desire to amaze and innovate the yacht industry, building on the company’s know-how and expertise, combined with designer Rivellini’s creative flair, to go beyond labels and pre-established parameters.

Technology and innovation, usability and comfort, plus attention to detail and quality are the inspiring principles behind the new approach to cruising that drives Evo Yachts.

For more information about the Evo Yachts range, visit: www.evoyachts.com


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