From dusk till dawn, Lumishore has your boat lighting needs covered

Very few aftermarket upgrades have the capacity to elevate your on board experience like smart lighting - and with its industry-first technologies, very few lighting solutions are quite as smart as the latest system from Lumishore.

With its unique capacity to combine warm and cold white (as well as red, green and blue) in a single lighting unit, Lumishore’s ‘CRGBW’ Lux Lighting Collection is unlike anything else on the market.

Whether installed in the form of down lights, courtesy lights, neon flex, strip lights, livewell lights or speaker light drivers, the Lumishore Lux system is engineered to deliver any colour you choose, bringing much greater flexibility and sophistication to your on board lighting.

Of course, for full control over your yacht’s ambience, Lumishore’s pioneering light technology requires an equally high-end user interface and that comes in the form of the Lumi-Link Command Center – the heart of the entire system and the key to controlling your Lumishore lights.

As the marine industry’s only ‘plug-and-play’ module with preinstalled interfaces and lighting options, it features a brilliantly intuitive colour wheel, enabling you to refine the colour output with the utmost sensitivity. And once you’ve found the colour you want, you can then slide the horizontal bar to fine-tune the white balance.

The fact that all lights from the Lux collection are dimmable means that, in addition to adjusting your ambient lighting to suit your mood or activity, you can also control the intensity. You can up the power for parties or you can ease it back, creating a more intimate environment for atmospheric dining or relaxed evening drinks.

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You can also adjust your lighting across multiple zones, with a variety of pre-programmed effects like Strobe, Sweep or ‘Sound-to-Light’. And you can even create personalised lighting events, like a ‘Welcome’ lighting scene for your arrival at the boat or a ‘Berthing’ scene for your entry to your homeport.

But while this is all clearly fantastic fun, the system’s benefits go way beyond recreational novelty. With its high Colour Rendering Index, Lumishore’s CRGBW light system reduces distortion, giving a far more accurate appearance to the objects they illuminate.

Better still, the easy-tune whites mean you can tailor your lighting to work with your natural circadian cycle, creating warm, relaxing tones for a restful evening ambience and more stimulating morning tones to help compensate for limited natural daylight in compact or confined cabins.

The sheer practicality of Lumishore’s Lux Lighting system also feels distinctly premium. The lighting units themselves are beautifully built, enhancing your boat’s fit-out, even when not in use.

And the installation of the Command Center is an object lesson in user-friendliness. You simply connect it to a compatible multi-function display (MFD), optional Lumishore Display, smartphone or tablet and smart control for your lights will appear automatically. Your boat’s lighting system is yours to control, even when you find yourself away from the central module itself.

It’s very clear then that installing high-end lighting on your yacht is no longer the challenge it once was. With a powerful reputation around the world for bespoke marine-specific lighting systems, Swansea-based Lumishore can work its magic on every shape and size of boat, from compact RIBs to A-list superyachts.

If you want to make an upgrade that has a real and tangible impact on the calibre of your yachting experience, it’s one of the most rewarding investments you can make…

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