YouTube star/superyacht broker David Seal reveals his £5m fantasy fleet

He sells multi-million dollar superyachts for a living and runs the popular YouTube channel Yachts for Sale, but what would David Seal spend £5m of his own money on?

During the mid 90s I moved to Italy and found myself teaching English to a yacht builder called Norberto Ferretti. He introduced me to his company, Ferretti Craft.

I worked for Norberto for ten years and eventually became Sales Manager of the CRN shipyard, part of Ferretti Group. Later, I became a yacht broker – a tremendously competitive business.

I found that I could differentiate myself from the competition by producing walk-through videos of superyachts for sale. My Yachts For Sale YouTube channel has now become so successful that I spend all my time producing yacht videos for Northrop & Johnson.

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David Seal’s £5m fantasy fleet


The gorgeous Rivamare has the kind of elegant design that ignites David Seal’s passion for boats

Riva Rivamare

Price: £1,000,000

You can easily buy one of these amazing vessels for under £1 million on the brokerage market.

I’m very attracted to elegant design, the first high quality car I ever bought was a Mercedes SL and although other cars for a similar price were faster or had better engineering, nothing could replace the smile that erupted on my face when I was witnessing the beautiful design of the SL.

The Rivamare has precisely the same magic to it, and by keeping it outside my fantasy waterside villa in Miami, I could easily take it with friends or even alone to the Bahamas for a fantasy weekend away in this tropical paradise.


He also fell hard for the Ferretti Custom Line 94 during his time working at the yard

Ferretti Custom Line 94 or 97

Price: £2,000,000

I’ve had a huge emotional attachment to this yacht since I was working for Ferretti when the idea of a Custom Line Division was first conceived and I eventually became Sales Manager.

The Custom Line 94 was designed at a time when Ferretti were producing some incredible yachts, and they wanted to showcase their excellence by producing something bigger than they had ever made.

The 94 was, and still is, a sensational yacht. So well engineered and thought out, and with astonishing volume. The 97 is really just a restyling of the same yacht, with a few improvements such as gyroscopic stabilisers.


A Nautor Swan 48 adds the option of sail power to David Seal’s fantasy fleet

Nautor Swan 48

Price: £500,000

My growing love of sailing yachts is a result of producing videos of Nautor Swan yachts, and my love of the Caribbean was reawakened when filming the stunning Marigot Bay resort in St Lucia.

The Swan 48 is within the remaining £2m of my budget and allows me to get out sailing in the Caribbean with minimum crew – just a couple of good friends indulging ourselves at somewhere like Marigot Bay for a week!


David’s YouTube channel has amassed 176k subscribers

Total: £3,500,000
Running cost surplus: £1,500,000

Do you agree with David Seal’s choices? Send in your suggestions to with My Fantasy Fleet in the subject line. You must chose three boats for your imaginary fleet with a total value of up to £5m.


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