Toy of the Month: Ring Vampire VT-1050 is a pocket superyacht shadow boat

One of the latest trends in the superyacht world is support ships. Basically, it’s a second huge boat that is effectively a floating toy box.

So your spare tenders, your helicopter, your personal submarine and even spare crew can follow the mother ship.

The claim that it’s cheaper to run the second ship than upgrade the mother ship to something large enough to carry all the toys is surely the ultimate Man Maths calculation?

Ideas from the superyacht industry often filter down to more prosaic craft, and it’s finally happened with this concept.

Want to carry a couple of jetskis but don’t want to upgrade to a 70ft boat capable of carrying them?

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No problem, your Ring Vampire VT-1050 support boat can bring them along, launch them and recover them once you’re finished zooming around the bay.

Powered by a Yanmar diesel engine linked to a Alamarin water jet, the Ring Vampire VT-1050 can race ahead and have the toys in the water awaiting your arrival, superyacht style.


Key features include Seadek flooring, Simrad navigational gear and four Ullman seats. Two hull sizes are available, as well as a choice of outdrive or sterndrive alternative propulsion systems.

Finished all in black, the Ring Vampire VT-1050 is part of Ring Powercraft’s Commercial and Defence range, as the video above alludes to, but we reckon it would be just as nifty in a leisure setting. Prices are available on application.


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