Torqeedo Deep Blue 100i: Electric powertrain boosted by BMW battery

More torque and more revs mean that the Torqeedo Deep Blue range can propel larger yachts and even offer planing speeds

Electric power is becoming ever more viable for marine applications as motors get increasingly powerful and battery technology improves.

Taking advantage of both those facets, Torqeedo is introducing two new variants of its Deep Blue electric propulsion system for 2019. Both are based around more powerful 100kW motors – the key difference is the motor’s maximum revs and thus its application potential.

Deep Blue 100i 2400 has been specifically designed and constructed to power fast-planing motorboats. Its maximum run speed of 2,400rpm allows it to hit far higher speeds than lower-revving variants and with 390nm of torque from very low RPM, Torqeedo says that this set up is faster to planing speeds than a conventional combustion engine.

The second variant is called Deep Blue 100i 900, and just like its high-revving sibling, the latter figure refers to maximum RPM. So this version is aimed at using its prodigious extra power to push larger boats at lower speeds. In this case, displacement superyachts measuring up to 120ft long.


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Of course any electric engine is only as good as its power source. The new 40kWh Deep Blue marine-grade lithium-ion battery (pictured above), developed in conjunction with BMW, offers 30% more storage capacity in the same footprint and can be charged up to 75% capacity in as little as 1.5 hours when properly equipped and with adequate shore power.

Torqeedo says that the characteristics of the Deep Blue battery make it suitable for the marine environment and is offering a nine-year limited battery capacity warranty.

Both systems are low maintenance direct-drive designs and can be configured as pure electric drive set-ups or as hybrid systems with range-extending generators.

These are managed by a central system that will harvest ‘clean’ energy from sources like solar power and store that power safely in the batteries. Prices start from £93,000.


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