Toy of the month: This floating super-club promises the ultimate party experience

We’re possibly stretching the theme a little to call this our Toy of the Month, but this is exactly the kind of funky free-thinking we enjoy in this section, so here's why you should get excited about the Aqualounge...

Designed by San Diego Entrepreneur Brad Hunter, alongside a team of nautical design specialists including Marine Group Boat Works, Marine Design and Drafting, and Directions in Design, it’s promised to be “unlike anything else on the water”.

Aqualounge is a near 4,000 square feet three-level floating day club that can host up to 149 guests at a time.

With two bars, as well as private cabanas and daybeds offering bottle service and other “5-star experiences”, it will feature DJs and live music for a “Mediterranean day club vibe”.

Family-friendly events onboard will include champagne brunches and audio-visual events featuring fleets of choreographed drones. Prices will start at $28 per head for a 1-hour cruise around the bay.

Based in San Diego, Aqualounge has partnered with Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina to provide docking services, and will regularly motor around the local bays.

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“When I started down this path six years ago, my goal was to completely rethink everything about the bay and dinner cruise space—the layout, the experience, the ambiance,” Hunter told Forbes in January.

“Designing and building a vessel so far from the industry standards has certainly created a fair amount of challenges.”

Construction of the $5million vessel began in March, following an exhaustive 6-year process to secure approval by the City council and the US Coastguard, and Hunter is targeting to launch the Aqualounge before the end of the year.

It may look a bit pie-in-the-sky, but this project is very much the real deal…