Toy of the month: Ruckraft is a tow float and rucksack in one

The clue is in the name. The Ruckraft is a tiny little inflatable raft that operates as a floating rucksack, offering much more capacity than a typical tow float.

The idea behind the Ruckraft is simple. You’re anchored off a lovely beach, you fancy a swim ashore for an ice cream and a wander, but you have no way of taking your clothes, towel, phone and wallet with you.

Cue the Ruckraft! Inflated by simply blowing into it (it takes about 30 seconds), what you end up with is a Lilliputian inflatable dinghy.

There is a large (70L/25kg) drybag to swallow all your necessary bits and pieces, or even a tent, which secures to the raft using clips. And it’s available in a choice of colours (orange or yellow) for extra visibility in the water.

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Reviewing the Ruckraft for Yachting World, Sian Lewis writes: “This is a big and bulky bag, and it’s overkill if you don’t ever need to carry much kit, but if you’re into longer distance swimming or fancy planning a swim-hike adventure or even a multi-day swim safari, this is the perfect companion.”

At £164, the Ruckraft is by no means a cheap option, but if you want to try before you buy, you can hire one for a fortnight for £20.


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