Oceanco’s Black Pearl: Everything you need to know about the biggest sailing yacht in the world

The largest sailing yacht in the world, Oceanco's Black Pearl also boasts a hybrid diesel electric system and can reach 17.5 knots under power

That’s a big sailing boat!

It sure is! At 350ft (106.7m) long and built out of steel and aluminum by Netherlands based Oceanco, ‘Black Pearl’ is the biggest sailing boat in the world! She’s almost 50ft wide!


Hang on, ‘Sailing Yacht A’ is larger isn’t it?

Yes it is, considerably, but it’s not actually a sailing boat. ‘Sailing Yacht A’ is actually a sail assisted motor yacht. The sails help power it.


So ‘Black Pearl’ will run fuel free?

Completely. And I really do mean completely. Under the right conditions, as the boat sails and the propellers are dragged through the water they spin up to create efficient generators. Add the solar sails, and clever features like on board heat regeneration, and the sun and the wind will power the entire ship without burning a drop of diesel!

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That’s incredible! But those masts look huge, it must take ages to set the sails?

The three 70m (230ft) tall DynaRig carbon masts were designed by Dykstra Naval Architects and support 2,900 square meters of sail. Amazingly, full sail can be set or furled at the touch of a button in just seven minutes.

Oceanco Black Pearl sailing


But you can motor it too?

Of course. In addition to wind power, she is powered by a hybrid diesel electric system. 2 x 1080kW MTU’s linked to 2 x 400kW electrical propulsion motors.


How fast can it go?

17.5 knots under power, faster under sail. 30 knots is possible in the right conditions.


Presumably there’s plenty of space for people too?

Her accommodations include a master suite, two VIP suites, two double guest cabins and a full beam beach club, that converts into a cinema. There’s an all glass lift to take you between decks too, Willy Wonka would be proud.



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