740 Mirage: Frauscher launches electrifying new sportsboat

German performance boat builder Frauscher has launched its first all-electric planing sportsboat, the 740 Mirage

Until now, the size and weight of the battery have limited the performance of its electric boats to displacement speeds but Frauscher is claiming a top speed of 27 knots for its latest craft.

The 740 Mirage is powered by a Torqeedo Deep Blue 2400 100kW direct drive motor that is designed specifically for planing powerboats and, as the name suggests, spins to 2,400rpm. Two lithium-ion 40 kWh Deep Blue batteries provide the charge.

Developed by BMW for the i3 car, these batteries feature ‘industry-leading energy density and a comprehensive safety system’. Torqeedo has further tailored the characteristics of the battery to make it suitable for use in an electric boat and is offering up to a nine-year battery capacity warranty.

Frauscher say that this gives the 740 Mirage enough power to cover around 18nm at its top speed of 27 knots. Reducing the speed to 5-6 knots will increase the running time to more than 10 hours and push the range up to 54nm.

The boat itself is a 24ft GRP sportsboat that is available in both cuddy cabin and bowrider versions. The cuddy model has a double in the cabin (the mattress of which can be removed and used as a sunpad on the foredeck when required) while the 740 Mirage Air has an open bow with additional seating up front.

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Both are designed by studio KISKA and Thomas Gerzer, alongside hydrodynamic expert Harry Miesbauer. The stepped hull has a conventional shaft drive and propellor ahead of a rudder.

“The Frauscher 740 Mirage Air provides a quiet and powerful luxury yachting experience for boats in sensitive areas and those with a heart for nature,” said Torqeedo CEO Dr. Christoph Ballin. “With an industrially engineered, fully integrated electric drive system and the craftsmanship of the Frauscher Shipyard, this electric yacht will attract discerning owners worldwide”.

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Frauscher isn’t the only yard offering an all-electric planing sportsboat. Swedish boat builder X Shore is also launching 6.5m and 8m versions of its unconventional Eelex sportsboat with a claimed top speed of 40 knots and range of up to 100nm.

The Editors view

“It’s great to see a yard with a reputation for serious performance boats building a viable electric sportsboat,” says MBY editor Hugo Andreae. “The limited range isn’t going to work for everyone but for most day boat owners, it’s probably not as restrictive as it sounds. I rarely do more than 20nm a day in mine.”