Narke Electrojet GT95: Carbon-hulled Jet Ski gets 50% power boost

At last, a low noise e-Jet Ski which won’t enrage the neighbours. Introducing the Narke Electrojet GT95...

We’ve all been there. An idyllic bay, the perfect sheltered anchorage, anchor set just so, bimini rigged, the first long cool drink of the afternoon and it starts – the dreaded Jet Ski of a neighbouring boat, droning up and down and up and down as everyone on board takes a turn and none have the wit to travel more than 500 metres in either direction.

Well, salvation might finally be at hand in the futuristic shape of a carbon fibre e-Jet Ski from Hungary nicknamed the Cyberjet!

A three-seater personal water craft, this new Narke Electrojet GT95 model is powered by a 95hp e-motor. This represents a 50% increase on Narke’s 65hp debut model, which was launched at the 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival.

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“The new hull, designed by Petestep, not only translates into a 20% range increase, but also results in a softer, more energy-efficient, and quieter ride,” explains chief designer Ákos Réder of Como Design.

The top speed is more than 70kph (about 38 knots) and the range is up to 50km (Ed: If only they’d go that far away!).

We’re no experts on Jet Skis, but luckily Narke has roped in someone who is. “This was an incredible experience,” gushed Péter Bíró, world and European Jet Ski champion, after a recent test drive.

“That an electric motor can create such energy and torque is unbelievable. It’s surprisingly manoeuvrable, has a very good top speed, and it runs in almost silence.”

You can run the Narke Electrojet GT95 flat-out for about two hours. After that, a three-phase 16-amp supply will recharge the 24kWh electric battery in an hour and a half.

Prices start from €47,500, although you’ll need to lay down another €1,900 for the fast charger. Other optional extras include a wireless MOB system (€470), smartphone connectivity (€440), a cover (€600) and a trailer (€1,600).


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