Explorer 62 yacht tour: So tough they crashed one into a wall!

Reporting from the 2023 Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show, MBY editor Hugo Andreae takes us on a full tour of the Explorer 62...

The Düsseldorf Boat Show is always full of exciting surprises, and this year’s show was no exception. Among the most innovative boats on display was the Explorer 62, a German-Italian boat that combines excellent construction quality and innovative design ideas.

The boat is a product of German financing and Italian design and construction. The hull has been crash-tested, a remarkable feat in the boating industry. The boat sustained some damage but remained intact and didn’t sink.

The Explorer 62 is a semi-displacement design with a top speed of approximately 24 knots, powered by two Volvo IPS 800 engines. The boat has a range of about 600 nautical miles at 10 knots thanks to its 2,800 litre tanks.

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The 62 also features an innovative tender garage – the door pops out and swings up on big pantograph hinges, leaving it completely out of the way. This simple yet clever feature allows for easy access to the garage, which can hold a Williams 395 or a Lampuga electric surfboard.

The Explorer 62 is designed to be a house on the water, every bit as safe and stable as a normal house. To achieve this, the boat has all three stabilisers: fin stabilisers, a gyro stabiliser, and a Humphrey trim stabilisation system, which work together to make the boat rock steady.

The boat has a nice, open stern platform that offers a lot of deck space and a fantastic view. It is a versatile and well-built vessel that will appeal to boating enthusiasts who want a comfortable and stable cruising experience.

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Explorer 62 specifications

LOA: 60ft 9in / 18.5m
Beam: 17ft 1in / 5.2m
Engine: 2x Volvo IPS 800
Top speed: 24 knots
Starting price: £1.5million


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