SAY Carbon 42 yacht tour: If McLaren built a 50-knot superboat it would look a little something like this

McLaren hasn't built a superboat yet, but if they did, we reckon it would look a little something like this. MBY editor Hugo Andreae takes us on a full tour of the SAY Carbon 42...

Amongst all the impressive vessels at the 2023 Palma Boat Show, there was one new boat that immediately caught the eye – the SAY Carbon 42. This remarkable craft, crafted by the German brand SAY Carbon, turned plenty of heads with its cutting-edge design and emphasis on maximum performance and efficiency.

SAY Carbon, as the name implies, specialises in creating boats constructed entirely from carbon fibre – a high-tech, lightweight, but expensive building material. The SAY Carbon 42, in particular, showcases a hull design that stands out from the ordinary.

Under the waterline, the hull of the SAY Carbon 42 is notably slender and narrow. However, as it rises above the water, it flares out, creating additional deck space and interior volume. Despite this, the SAY Carbon 42 is by no means a high-volume day boat. Instead, it’s a vessel that focuses on pure performance and efficiency.

The SAY Carbon 42 uses the Petestep hull design, previously seen on the X-Power 33C and the Virtue V10, among others. Unlike conventional hulls with parallel spray rails, Petestep hulls feature fan-shaped rails that trap spray within the hull, effectively creating a cushion that improves speed and efficiency, as well as providing a smoother ride.

With a displacement of just 4.5 tonnes, the SAY Carbon 42 weighs less than half of what you’d expect for a typical 42ft open boat. This reduced weight, achieved through that carbon fibre sandwich foam construction, further enhances efficiency and speed. Despite its stiffness, the sandwich construction offers a comfortable ride and helps to dampen noise and vibrations.

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Powering this vessel are petrol engines, which provide two key benefits. First, they deliver smooth, clean power with rapid acceleration. Second, they are lighter and smaller than equivalent diesel engines, resulting in fuel savings and a reduced environmental impact.

With its open layout, the SAY Carbon 42 is designed for both performance and comfort. It features a large fixed bathing platform at the rear (a hydraulic platform was deemed too heavy), while carbon fibre accents and design elements are spread throughout the vessel, highlighting the fusion of technology and aesthetics.

The helm of the SAY Carbon 42 exudes a sporty, high-performance feel with Shockwave full suspension seats and a sleek, clean dashboard display. What’s more, the boat offers a seamless docking experience with joystick control and ample storage space for boating water toys and equipment.

Descend into the cabin, you’ll find a surprisingly roomy interior for a vessel of this class. It’s equipped with a large bed, plenty of storage, and even a day heads with a shower, making it suitable for overnight trips.

The SAY Carbon 42 is not your average day boat –  it’s a purpose-built driving machine that delivers thrills while maintaining efficiency. The company’s dedication to carbon fibre construction, lightweight design, and innovative hull technology ensures that it stands from the crowd.

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SAY Carbon 42 specifications

LOA: 42ft / 12.8m
Beam: 13ft 1in / 3.99m
Draught: 2ft 11in / 0.88m
Displacement: 4,300kg (approx)
Fuel capacity: 800L
Water capacity: 300L
Engines: Twin 420hp Volvo Penta 6.21L V8
Top speed: 50 knots
Price: €875,000 (ex. VAT)


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