Sunseeker 90 Ocean yacht tour: The most eye-catching of the 2021 models

At the recent Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, MBY editor Hugo Andreae took the chance to look inside the Sunseeker 90 Ocean a voluminous yacht, which boasts spectacular outdoor spaces.

The new Sunseeker 90 Ocean is a boat we’ve been looking forward to seeing for a long time. This is an entirely new range for the British yard and it’s a completely different concept, much more focused on time on board and space, rather than the usual focus purely on performance and handling in luxury.

The starting point is a very different hull design and you can see straight away from the shape of that bow, it’s much fuller and more upright, which creates more volume on board.

The whole boat is in fact much beamier than normal for a 90foot boat of this size, it’s over 23 feet wide, which is fully 2ft 0in (0.61m) wider than that of the Sunseeker 95 Yacht, and that creates a lot more internal volume.

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There is a massive amount of glass in the hull, which again enhances the feeling of light and space and makes the most of all that extra volume.

Another very interesting new idea is the bulwarks with a massive glass insert, so that you can see right through out to the water rather than just staring at a big blank sheet of fiberglass.

The starting price is £6.1million (ex. VAT), but realistically once you’ve specced it up and paid your taxes it’s going to be more like £7million, £8million, or in this case i think even £9million, once you’ve fully kitted it up, but you do get an awful lot of boat for your money. It has, according to the yard, 20% greater volume than one of its traditional Yacht models of a similar length.


On the other focal point – connection to the water – look no further than the extraordinary beach club area at the boat’s rear end.

That term “beach club” is bandied about rather loosely at the moment but Sunseeker’s designers have gone to great lengths to ensure that this is the area (all 24m² of it) where guests are likely to congregate, and it is so cleverly thought out.

The new X-TEND seating system features a pair of angled sun pads mounted on a hatch so they can rise up and face into the cockpit or swivel the other way to meet the bathing platform and look out over the water.


Welcome to the club: the Ocean 90’s spectacular aft deck is fully deserving of the beach club moniker

Underneath the hatch there is built-in storage for scuba bottles and watersports gear and, in the deck beneath, voids for two Seabobs with charging points.

A three-seater jet-ski and Williams 460 SportJet fit on the aft deck and can be lowered into the water on a hi-lo platform, which is separated from a sliver of fixed deck to port giving permanent access to the extendable hydraulic boarding ladder.

A pop-up wetbar with BBQ grill, overhead shower and parasol finish off an area so appealing it may be a struggle to shepherd guests to other parts of the boat.


They’ll soon get over it when they’re spread out on one of the foredeck sun loungers, flanked by cocktail dinettes, or taking a dip in the optional hot tub on the top deck, however. That’s the thing about the Sunseeker 90 Ocean, the beach club is in addition to the already spectacular outdoor living areas.

The pursuit of volume will be felt most acutely in the saloon where the capacious 28ft 9in (8.8m) by 18ft 0in (5.6m) space is bolstered by floor-to-ceiling windows, which drape natural light over an interior that is clean and modern, and where there are a couple of layout options.

The Sunseeker 90 Ocean isn’t just a floating playground either, with a 13,000-litre fuel capacity and its MAN diesels purring along at 12 knots its range is 1,800 nautical miles but, if pushed, it will wind out to a top speed of 26 knots.

We’re excited about this one and will be putting it through its paces in a full sea trial soon.

Sunseeker 90 Ocean specification

LOA: 88ft 11in (27.1m)
Beam: 23ft 6in (7.16m)
Engines: Twin MAN up to 3,800hp
Top speed: 26 knots
Cruising range: 1,800nm at 12 knots
Price: £6.1million (ex. VAT)


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