Fireworks should always be handled with care and attention, but some people should be banned from using them altogether.

In this week’s Boat Fail, the pyromaniac in question decides that a boat jetty would be a suitable location for staging a spectacular fireworks display.

The camera is rolling, a crowd of friends has gathered, he’s just made one crucial mistake: the fireworks are upside down.

As the fuse burns out and the explosions begin, his mistake becomes abundantly clear and the onlookers erupt into howls of laughter and sporadic strong language.

The wooden dock is ripped to shreds as timber flies up into the air and jets of water rush skywards.

Amazingly the hapless individual remains on the jetty as the fireworks continue to explode for a full minute, despite calls for him to take cover.

To watch the video in full, which has already attracted more than 30,000 views on YouTube, click on the player above.