A couple of weeks ago, we brought you a surprisingly close drag race between an F2 powerboat and a Peugeot 308 GTI, but this new video takes things up a notch.

American Youtube speed freaks TRC are famous for their automotive drag races, so when they decided to throw a boat into the mix, they went all with a Hydrostream Venom.

This 280hp raceboat weighs in at less than 500kg, with its 2.5l Mercury engine giving it an excellent power-to-weight ratio and unbelievable acceleration.

Representing four wheels are the cream of the 1990s – a 320hp Toyota Supra, and the modern contender, a Mitsubishi Evo X that generates 291hp.

And the playing field couldn’t be much more level, with the cars lined up alongside a canal, resulting in a dead straight quarter-mile drag strip.

Despite the constant battle with water resistance, the Hydrostream Venom gets off to a blinding start, before peaking at a top speed of 115mph.

But can the either of the cars claw back this early lead? Click on the drag race video above to find out.

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