Manoeuvring a 5,000-tonne tanker ship is hardly child’s play at the best of times, but as this video shows, coming into the Port of Galway is enough to raise the heart-rate even the coolest of captains.

Time-lapse drone footage recently shot at the Irish port shows that the skipper of Galway Fisher has some incredible mooring skills.

After inching into the narrow entrance to the port, the UK-flagged tanker then negotiates its way between another tanker and a small vessel moored on either side.

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For its final party trick, Galway Fisher then turns 90-degrees to starboard into its designated mooring spot. Quite frankly, it puts mooring stern-to in a crowded Mediterranean marina to shame.

The patience required is put into context by the seemingly miniature cars whizzing around local roads on the left-hand side of the video.

Luckily for the skippers who have to pull this off manoeuvre on a regular basis, the port authority is currently planning a multi-million Euro expansion that would widen and deepen the entry channel.

To watch this drone footage of Galway Fisher mooring into the Port of Galway, click on the video above.