VIDEO: Powercat flips in 2015 XCAT Gold Coast GP

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Both pilots escape unharmed after the Team DTCM powercat flipped during the Gold Coast GP this weekend

The XCAT world powerboat championships took a dramatic turn this weekend, when the Team DTCM powercat flipped during an open ocean race on Saturday (August 22).

As the video above shows, the powercat left the water at high speed before flipping 180-degrees and landing upside down.

And even though the Team DTCM powercat was travelling at an estimated 104 knots when the pilots lost control during the second round Speed Cat Run, both men on board escaped unharmed, much to the relief of the crowd of roughly 10,000 spectators.

Salem Al Adidi and Eisa Al Ali were quickly helped aboard a safety vessel, while their powercat was salvaged and taken ashore for repairs, despite extensive damage to the bow.

Gold Coast powerboat flip rescue

“It was a combination of factors. We were going at top speed because it was the finish line. And at that point the waves were getting higher so it all happened very quickly. But we’re both perfectly fine,” said Al Adidi.

Team DTCM returned to action yesterday and flipped their boat once again, leading to the event being red flagged.

The Gold Coast GP was the fourth leg in the 2015 XCAT world championships, which continues on October 16 in Nice.