Toy of the Month: U-Boat Worx Nautilus is a 37m submersible superyacht

A few months ago we revealed the quite remarkable U-Boat Worx Nexus, an extra large personal submarine that could seat up to eight people.

Clearly someone at U-Boat Worx took one look at this leviathan and uttered three simple words: “Hold my beer.” Welcome to the U-Boat Worx Nautilus. Forget personal submarines, this is a submersible superyacht!

At over 37 metres long and weighing 1,250 tonnes, it can function as a yacht or as a submersible. Onboard facilities include a bar, pool, lounge and dining room, four luxury guest cabins, a spacious master bedroom and a galley.

The diesel-electric power offers up to 9 knots of cruising capability on the surface, 4 knots submerged, and it will have a depth rating of 200 metres!

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(A short pause please, to consider a 37-metre superyacht cruising along with 10 guests and 6 crewmembers, over 600 feet beneath the surface!).

Ten, four-metre-wide windows will ensure an exceptional view of the underwater world.

And then when it’s time to surface (up to 18 hours later), your guests can enjoy the massive sundeck, complete with a freshwater pool, a bar, and a dining table.

U-Boat Worx Nautilus specifications

LOA: 37.5m / 123ft
Beam: 7.7m / 25ft 3in
Draught: 7m / 23ft
Occupancy: 10 passengers, 7 crew
Displacement: 1,250,000kg
Battery: 1,200kWh
Propulsion: 4 x 80kW, 4 x 40kW, 2 x 20kW
Top speed: 9 knots above water, 4 knots submerged
Dive depth: 200m / 650ft
Dive endurance: 18 hours
Starting price: €25m