Cheetah Marine unveils future-proof EV-ready RIB

Cheetah Marine has unveiled what it describes as the world's first EV-ready RIB...

The idea behind the new Cheetah SR630 is that, if you’re not yet ready to commit to full electric propulsion, you can start off with internal combustion, safe in the knowledge that your EV-ready RIB will make converting to an electric boat later on simple and easy.

>Better still, you can enjoy reduced emissions right from day one thanks to the remarkable efficiency of the hull.

EV-ready RIB: low-drag hull

Created in conjunction with RS Electric Boats, the Cheetah R630 uses a highly efficient cathedral hull, which is designed to minimise drag and get up on the plane at low speeds with extraordinary ease.

It also employs the same weight-saving technologies that RS Electric Boats has applied in its Pulse 63, enabling the use of a much smaller engine than you would tend to associate with a 21ft RIB.

The Cheetah SR630 will hit 25 knots with a 50hp outboard

Available with both petrol and diesel outboards and capable of achieving 25 knots with just a single 50hp motor, Jon Partridge, RS Marine Group CEO, is adamant that the new boat makes perfect sense.

“The marine sector has definitely woken up to the fact that we need to make a decisive change, but we understand that some people are reluctant to fully commit to electric.

“So we’re committed to making EV-ready boats that can be easily upgraded when owners feel the time is right for them to make the switch.”

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The new RIB is all about making electric conversion simple

Cheetah Marine and RS Electric joined forces in 2022 in a bid to develop a new generation of electric workboats – and the Cheetah R630 is the first of a new RIB range that will grow significantly over the next few years.

It comes with a flush, self-draining deck and includes plenty of customisation potential. But of course it’s the hull efficiency and the electric compatibility that make the real difference.

While Cheetah Marine has become famous for its tough, seaworthy power cats, it is now intent on ensuring that EV retro-fit simplicity is hardwired into every one of its designs.

As Jon points out: “Battery development is moving at a pace, and charging infrastructure is being embedded across many countries, including the UK, so it won’t be long until electric becomes the preferred choice for many.

“Until that time, we’re doing all we can so that companies looking for new RIBs or catamarans can get one now and rest assured that electric conversion will be straightforward.”

The SR630 is just the first boat in a new EV-ready RIB range from Cheetah Marine


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