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Revenger 32

New Revenger 32 - new inboard RIB planned by Revenger

Premiere 28

Premiere 28 - great for lounging, but don't presume it's not quick off the mark

Hydrolift S-27

Hydrolift S-27 - battleship build quality and a healthy dollop of power


Code-X - a far cry from the electric plodders

Marlin 29

A big beast of a cabin RIB with separate toilet compartment


Our rating:  80%

Shearwater 860

A top-drawer performance RIB with a useable cuddy


Our rating:  80%

Zar 73

Unique-looking Italian cabin RIB packed with detail


Our rating:  80%

Zodiac N-ZO

A bright and beamy daycruiser alternative from Zodiac


Our rating:  80%

Linetti 27.5 | Reviews | Motor Boats Monthly |

Driving the Linetti 27.5 is ike strapping yourself into a stylish Italian rocket


Our rating:  10%