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Retro Boats

We test thre retro classics in December 2012 issue of MBM

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Car magazines always talk about a used Ferrari for the price of a new Mondeo, but why not a used Sunseeker?

Princess V39

The new V39 isn't just eagerly awaited, it's the new jewel in the boating crown. Which probably explains why it's already sold out until autumn...


Our rating:  91%


Nick takes the new Evo 750wa for a spin to see what it offers

Fairline 38gt

Fairline put a lid on it, literally, transforming their open top Targa 38 into a sleek and stylish hard top.


So does the Sealine SC42 deliver?


You have to hand it to Jeanneau, it gets around. A couple of months ago, we were extolling the virtues of its two new 50-footers and now here we are…

Motor Boat & Yachting | Riva Iseo

Find out how the Riva Iseo fared in our boat test

Windy 31 Zonda

Windy has given us some great day cruisers down the years but now it’s created something far more aggressive. It’s called the Zonda and it is, quite simply, awesome.…


Our rating:  90%

Sessa C35

Sessa's new C35 looks the part and comes with some fresh layout ideas


Our rating:  84%

Bavaria Sport 38 | Reviews| Motor Boats Monthly

Coming in at under £200k, this sportscruiser looks like a lot of boat for the money. But how much bang do you actually get for your buck?


Our rating:  80%


This 38-footer is a marked step up for the German yard


Our rating:  60%

Windy 39

Windy 39 set to make a splash in 2010