Nordhavn 60 yacht tour: Rugged cruiser offers liveaboard boating at its finest

Nordhavn is one of those brands that inspires almost cult-like devotion and this used Nordhavn 60 is a great example of why...

If you’ve had your fill of weekend cruising and want to take your boating adventures to the next level, then Nordhavn is a great place to start. In this video tour, Nick Burnham takes us around the Nordhavn 60, which packs an awful lot of boat into its length.

From the domestic-grade galley to the main-deck master cabin, there are plenty of signs that this is a proper liveaboard boat, ideal for those looking to spend weeks or even months at sea.

As with all his yacht tours, Nick leaves no stone unturned, so stay tuned for a look inside the Nordhavn 60’s engine room, complete with a wing engine for limping back to port in the event of a major mishap.


LOA: 57ft 3in (17.45m)
Beam: 18ft (5.49m)
Displacement: 62,600kg (138,000 lbs)
Fuel capacity: 10,607 litres (2,333 gal)
Water capacity: 2,271 litres (500 gal)
Main engine: 340hp Lugger 1276
Wing engine: Lugger L944D
Top speed: 10 knots
Range at 8 knots: 3,000nm+
Asking price: $1.775m (ex. VAT – not for sale in UK waters)


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