How to use a lock

VIDEO: How to use a lock

In this instalment we demonstrate the best techniques to use when entering and exiting a lock basin

Azimut S7

VIDEO: Azimut S7 review

With its impressive technical spec, clever design and Italian flair, this Azimut S7 is the perfect marriage of style and substance

Beneteau GT50

VIDEO: Bénéteau Gran Turismo 50 review

With a sleek Coupé and a Sportfly model to choose from, the new Bénéteau Gran Turismo 50 has a foot in both camps. But does that enable it to offer the best of both worlds?

2018 Motor Boat Awards winner

VIDEO: 2018 Motor Boat Awards

See behind the scenes at the 2018 Motor Boat Awards, hosted by Motor Boat & Yachting at the Rosewood Hotel in London

Absolute 58 Fly

VIDEO: Absolute 58 Fly review

Against stiff competition, the Absolute 58 Fly is riding high, supported by clever design, punchy IPS and sheer class

Seaward Nelson 39

VIDEO: Seaward Nelson 39 review

For all its barefaced pilot boat heritage, this Seaward Nelson 39 is as cutting edge as it gets, with a premium price to match

Video: Sealine SC38 | Used Boat Review

“When the SC35 came out, it completely killed the Sealine SC38 that had launched nine months earlier.” I’m with Sealine guru Richard Allen at his RPA Boat Sales office. He’s my go-to guy for anything Sealine related, having sold them for many years, initially for Sealine Sales, then Peters and…

Princess 62

VIDEO: Princess 62 review

Clever styling, astonishing amounts of space and a host of neat details give the Princess 62 exceptional showroom appeal. So what’s it like on the water?

Rhéa 730 Timonier

VIDEO: Rhéa 730 Timonier review

Honest, charming and brimming with French flair, the Rhéa 730 Timonier proves a trusty companion in a rough Solent sea trial

Cormate U23

VIDEO: Cormate U23 review

The Cormate U23 is a focussed delight that majors on seakeeping, speed, style and Scandinavian practical thinking