VIDEO: Exploring Corfu on a Moorings powercat charter

Hugo falls head over heels for the turquoise bays, waterside villages and calm waters of Corfu on a Moorings powercat charter

Exploring Corfu on a Moorings powercat charter

Like many of you, I’ve spent more than my fair share of hours poring over the pages of MBY reading about everybody else’s Mediterranean cruising adventures with a mixture of envy and desire.

If the photos are to be believed, the sun always shines, the water glows iridescent blue and the boats sparkle like sequins on a Strictly dancer’s dress.

And yet I’ve never spent more than a few fleeting hours on some sea trial or other verifying if that vision really does hold true or is merely a myth perpetuated by homesick boaters secretly yearning for the joys of a windswept Solent.

Naturally, I’ve toyed with the idea of chartering in the Med but if I’m honest, both the expense and the responsibility of renting a motor yacht big enough for it to feel like a holiday rather than an endurance test have put me off. It’s a preconception charter specialists the Moorings have been battling to overcome.

Its fleet of comfortable cost-effective powercats are surprisingly easy to handle and with charter bases all over Europe and the Caribbean, you can always find a sunny destination at any time of year. Article continues below…

VIDEO: Leopard 43PC review

A wholesale update of the 39PC, the new Leopard 43PC proves itself as one of the best small power catamarans

The flagship of the fleet is the Moorings 514 PC built by South African yard Robertson and Caine and sold in Europe as the Leopard 51. This four-cabin, four-bathroom craft can sleep 8-10 people in some style and privacy, meaning two families can split the costs between them.

Our friends Matt and Fen were keen to join us; now all we needed was a destination. In the end, the limited availability of 514 PCs during the summer half-term break and our wives’ insistence on a location as far south
as possible all pointed to one place – Corfu.

Other than what I’d read in Frank and Fiona Walker’s MBY articles about cruising in the Ionian, I had no idea what to expect. In hindsight, I can’t believe how lucky we were – it’s hard to believe we could have chosen anywhere better.

Read the full cruise report in the October 2017 issue of MBY.

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