VIDEO: How to… Polish your boat

MBY's definitive guide to all those essential tasks you need to know how to do but were too afraid to ask. This month: how to polish your boat

First impressions count, and there’s no better way to make a positive first impression than by giving your boat a fresh coat of boat wax and really good polish.

Whether you’re prepping your boat for sale or you simply want your pride and joy to look her best for the springtime, our video covers the six key steps required for you to get a top shine
to your GRP…

Time required
A day typically, depending on the size of the boat

Difficulty rating
2/5 Hard work, but not especially difficult

PITA rating
Potentially messy, which can be a pain. Gloves and overalls are your workmates

DIY cost
Apart from the rotary polisher (which you can hire), about £100-worth of products for an average boat

Professional cost
£65 + VAT per metre

Tools required
PPE (goggles, facemask, gloves, overalls), boatwash, sponge and bucket, stain remover, masking tape, rotary polisher, polishing mops, microfibre cloths, cutting compound, cleaning solution, polish and wax

Read our full How To guide in the April 2017 issue of MBY.

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