Sealander: The boat that’s also a caravan

Ever wondered whether a caravan would float? Well, this one will – we take a closer look at the Sealander…

Referring to any vessel as a ‘floating caravan’ is usually regarded as an insult, but in this case it’s entirely accurate.

Inventors of the German-built Sealander looked at the humble two-berth caravan and wondered whether it couldn’t do a little more than simply get dragged around by a car slowing traffic, so they fitted it with a one-piece GRP hull.

Now you can back it down a slipway, open the front, attach a Torqeedo electric outboard engine and head off into the big blue yonder.

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The Sealander has been tested on the Baltic Sea, but it’s probably best not to get too ambitious with your coastal cruising plans – given its limited freeboard, tranquil rivers and lakes are its natural habitat.

Prices start at under €20,000 and for that you get a compact dinette with seating for up to six, which can be converted into a double berth measuring 2.8 metres squared.

A built-in stove, sink and shower adds to the options for a day out on the water, while the extras list includes a 120W marine-grade audio system, an 18-litre fridge or even a fresh-water toilet – not bad for a 15ft amphibious craft!


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