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Carver 450 Voyager

Remember when people-carriers like the Renault Espace first came to the UK?

Botnia Targa 30

The Botnia Targa 30 has a touch of the eccentric inventor about it. It's quirky, full of interesting and unusual ideas, and is slightly strange to look at.

Birchwood 310

Birchwood are actually offering two types of boat in a single shell.

Aqua-Star OceanRanger 38

You don't expect to find a boat called an OceanRanger tied up at the end of a garden 60 miles from the sea.

Atlantic 444

For many people "North European" boating is a euphemism for cold and wet boating. So it's a pity that that's what aft-cabin powerboats such as the 444 are primarily associated

Apreamare Emerald 40

All the Apreamare boats are noisy, and it's easy to see why. Their enginerooms draw in air - and with no baffles, salt water too - through large grills in…

Apreamare Emerald 30

We tested the Emerald 30 in a gentle swell and a Force 2 wind. In these moderate conditions, it displayed the same admirable handling characteristics as its bigger sister.